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Personalized Bulk Email to Any Sized List! 

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Powerful NEW Email Automation Software Sends Personalized Bulk Email to Your Mailing Lists, Automatically Responds to Incoming Messages, Processes Your Subscribe and Unsubscribe Requests, and Cleans and Manages Your Lists....


Dear Friends,

If you're marketing anything on the Internet or trying to make money online, you already know the importance of having your own mailing list. Put any group of successful marketers together and they'll ALL tell you that email marketing to an opt-in list was a major contributing factor to their success.

THE PROMISE: My Email Automator software will help you make more money and save more time. It is absolutely free and will never cost you a dime.

I've spent the last 3 months and almost $10,000 developing email automation software that I can be proud to give you. It was given FileTransit's highest 5 Star rating!

Send personalized emails to any size mailing list. Send in plain text or HTML format.
Bypasses your ISP's mailserver so they don't know that you're sending a lot of email. EmailAutomator uses it's own internal SMTP engine for sending.
Automatically processes subscribe requests and adds people to your mailing list.
Automatically process unsubscribe requests and takes people off your mailing list. 
Cleans your mailing lists of duplicates and improperly formatted email addresses.
Extracts email addresses out of any text or HTML file on your computer. This helps you compile mailing lists.
Logs into your POP3 account and checks your email, then automatically responds to messages. You create "autoresponder rules" based on words found in either the subject line or body of the incoming email and the program sends a custom autoresponse when your conditions are met.

I could make this letter 5 pages long and tell you about all the ways you can put EmailAutomator to work for you to earn more money and save more time. But, I'm sure you already have ideas about what you can do with this software. It's easy to to see how it will benefit you in multiple ways. Making the decision to download EmailAutomator is a no-brainer since it's free.


My initial reaction to Email Automator was that this program would be complicated to setup and use. Boy, was I mistaken. That was BEFORE I took the time to review the simplified instructions and easy to follow Videos!

Within no time at all, I sent my first test email, successfully I might add, and even had the autoresponse feature setup.

This program will be a GREAT time saver for ezine owners especially! I feel your Email Automator is the perfect alternative to Mailloop!

I recommend this program to every Business owner - it's now on my must have list!

Janet Legere

You would have to buy Mailloop 6 to get the features you'll find in EmailAutomator. Don't get me wrong, Mailloop is great. I use it myself daily. If you can afford to get Mailloop, it's a little more full-featured and well worth the money. But if you're just starting to automate your marketing or you can't shell out several hundred dollars for email automation software, download EmailAutomator right now.

The software is completely free. I won't ever charge you anything to use it.

In order to continue to offer this free autoresponder software, I do have a few requirements. Here's what that means to you:

  • You'll have to register the software with a valid email address in order for it to work.

  • You have to keep your email address valid and up-to-date or your license will be disabled and your copy will cease to work properly.

  • A small "Hotmail style" signature link to our site will be added to the very end of emails sent by the software to give others the chance to download and use EmailAutomator also.

  • You get $295 worth of software, and all you have to do is keep your contact information up to date and make sure not to send SPAM. 

    Sound fair enough?

    YOU NEED EMAIL AUTOMATOR, so click here to get started and you can be automating your marketing 5 minutes from now.

    branson dixie stampede



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